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Zhejiang Jiuzi New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd.
Investment Hotline: 400-616-7222
Consulting WeChat: WXID_ NCUBW3PR7JXB22Headquarters address: Room 210, 2nd Floor, Building 8, No. 48, Jiuhuan Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province


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招商热线: 400-616-7222


Multi-brand Service

Multi-brand Service

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Zhejiang Jiuzi New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. is a new modern automobile group with the purpose of expanding the new energy automobile market and popularizing the environmental protection concept of new energy automobiles. The main industry is the establishment of new energy vehicle promotion franchise and the integration of new energy vehicles across the country, and the auxiliary industries of new energy vehicle maintenance, leasing, and second-hand car replacement. It has many new energy technology research and development teams and many mature New energy vehicle manufacturing partners; online and offline sales team and operation management team, with superb business skills and rich practical experience.

Multi-brand Service

Multi-brand Service